The Cost of chartering our motor yacht in the Solent

There are no additional charges when chartering with us. Single day charters without overnight accommodation are normally £1,800. Longer charters involving overnight accommodation are £2,000 for the first day then £1,800 per additional day. Certain dates may attract a premium.

The Charter price includes:

  • Exclusive use of the motor yacht.
  • Skipper and crew member.
  • Drinks and snacks throughout the day
  • All mooring fees incurred during your trip
  • Fuel *
  • Cleaning
  • Vat where applicable

What doesn’t the price include:

  • Any meals taken ashore

* Fuel - We include the cost of fuel in your charter when taking a typical itinerary around the Solent. Should your chosen itinerary take us further afield we reserve the right to charge a fuel supplement. You will be made fully aware of any surcharge at the time of planning.

When considering outright ownership costs chartering makes a lot of sense. Spend your time on board enjoying the company of friends and relaxing rather than worrying about the technical aspects of arriving safely in one piece and getting moored up.

Typical annual costs for a 50 foot Motor yacht would be:

  • Annual mooring within the Solent £12,000
  • Annual lift out, clean off, storage ashore and relaunch £1,200
  • Engine & gearbox Service £3,000
  • Generator service £450
  • Anti foul, polish, annodes etc. £2,500
  • Incidental maintenance £3,000 plus
  • Regular wash off £1,000
  • Insurance £3,000
  • Depreciation £50,000
  • Based on a purchase price of £900,000 Finance / loss of interest at 2.5% £22,500

    Total annual cost around £100,000 plus fuel as used

Short notice charters sometimes available
Call 07525 622268 to check availability