When to Cruise the Solent

We operate throughout the year and in fact it is often the less obvious times which produce the most enjoyable charters. Having a mooring all to yourself in the winter months as you are tucked up nice and warm can be wonderful.

A Sunday evening knowing everyone else is making their way home in readiness for work in the morning and you will have the pick of the spots to tie up for the rest of the week. Being able to get a table at the restaurant everyone is talking about but Friday and Saturday are booked up months in advance.

The Solent gets very busy in the summer weekends and it’s not hard to see why, after all that’s why you want to enjoy time on board yourself. Week days and out of season the area takes on a different charm and your luxury home from home has all the comforts that let you take full advantage.

To see if your chosen dates are available give us a call or drop us a quick email.